Augmenting a Course for Remote Teaching in Moodle

Below is a list of resources you may use to expand your online course by repurposing content from another online course.

Many of the resources below include links to the UIUC Knowledge Base with directions for how to implement these items in your course site. If any of the links below do not answer your question, the Knowledge Base is an excellent place to turn to in addition to Moodle’s Help Documentation. You may also reach out to Technology Services at or CITL’s Instructional Support & Training Team at

Request a Course Space

Get started by asking our team to set up a Moodle site for your course. Our courses come with ready-made Moodle course shells created by our eLearning experts. You can modify these pre-existing templates as needed to suit your course. Your course will be published online and allow student engagement, interaction, and learning to continue. Important Note: You need to manually open a Moodle course when it is ready for launch.

Announcements Forum

The Moodle Announcements Forum is a great way to get time-sensitive information to students. Review the links below for resources on how to create, send, and edit important announcements and information to your students.


File Uploads (Word, PPT, PDF)

There are a number of reasons you may want to share files with your students. Depending on the file type and the reason for sharing, there are a few ways you can add files to your course site in an accessible and easily navigable way.

Video File Uploads/Mashups/Kaltura/Illinois Media Space

If you plan to upload a video you own/created to your course, we recommend using the Mashup tool to add a video via Kaltura/Illinois Media Space. Read more information on uploading videos to Kaltura/Illinois Media Space.

Live Sessions and Virtual Office

Using Zoom you can hold live, synchronous sessions online, manage your students during sessions, and record class participation. Learn how to add a Zoom activity.

Assignments, Quizzes/Tests, Discussion Boards


If you need to add grades that were previously tracked elsewhere for your face-to-face course, we recommend that you add a single column and enter all of the previous points as one score in that column. If you have weighted grades, you can add multiple manual columns and set the weighted percentages for each. If you want to imports grades from a spreadsheet, go here.

Additional Assistance

Additional online tutorials and dates for training workshops can be found on the Training and Support pages. For further support in this area, contact