Policies for Online Instruction

Remote instruction and learning provides unique challenges for instructors and students. Ensuring safety and compliance is crucial to university success. The following policy and procedure resources provide information on how best to protect your online classroom.

How to Protect Your Zoom Session

We strongly recommend that you take steps to protect your Zoom meetings. This will help prevent unwanted disruptions, commonly known as “Zoombombing.” This article provides direction on how to protect your Zoom lecture or meeting. Please weigh these options carefully to find the right balance between providing access and protection.

Unauthorized Recording or Posting of Classroom Content
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As we have transitioned to alternative delivery modes, there have been concerns raised by instructors that students can record lectures, classroom discussions, and other class content and post this online. This document describes the issues associated with students recording and sharing classroom material. An example of language that could be shared with students and included in a course syllabus is included

Teaching Resources

Find information about grading, course enrollments, evaluations, and policies on students and teaching at the Office of the Provost’s Teaching Resources page.

Access to Content in China

Learn what educational technology tools, learning management systems, and video distribution options are available for students learning in China here.