Repurposing Content from an Existing Online Course

If you are currently teaching a face-to-face course that has an online equivalent that has already been developed, you may be able to repurpose some of the course materials. Below are steps that you will need to take to 1.) get permission to access and review available course materials and 2.) copy or import select content from the online version of the course. This could include content like lecture materials, assignments, quizzes, discussion topics, etc.

Step 1: Consult List of Concurrent Online and Face-To-Face Courses

CITL has compiled a list of courses that are running both online and face-to-face. If you do not currently teach an online version of your course but would like to see if another instructor teaches an online section, you can consult the List of Concurrent Online Courses to see if one of your courses has an online equivalent.

Option A

If you teach an online section of your course and would like to copy content to a course site for your face-to-face course, refer to the pages on Getting Started in Compass or Moodle: Augmenting a Course for Remote Teaching.

Option B

If you find that there is an online version of your course, proceed to “Step 2: Contact Online Instructor and Copy Department Head.” 

Option C

If you find that there are no online versions of your course, please consult the how-to instructions on Assessments, as well as a Video Demo: Training to Self-Record. These resources will guide you in developing assessments and recording lectures from home to post in the learning management system.

Step 2: Contact Online Instructor and Copy Department Head

To copy from a course that was created by a different instructor, you will need permission from that instructor to review the materials and copy course material from their course site. To help with this, we have created a template email you can use to contact the instructor and department head. You will need to fill in some details, and these areas will be indicated by brackets like the following example: [[[[[example]]]]]. Review the Content Sharing Request Email, fill in any details, and attach the How to Add a User as an Instructor document.

Option A

If the online course instructor approves your request, you can move to “Step 3: Copy Content into Your Course Site” to copy or import the preexisting content into your course.

Option B

If you are unable to obtain a response from either the instructor or the department head, you will need to proceed with creating your own original content. CITL staff members will be happy to advise you in recording your own lectures, assignments, and adding other items to your course.

  • For help with assessments, please contact the Assessments Team at CITL.
  • For media assistance, please direct your inquiries to the DIY Media Team at CITL. They will provide guidance as needed.

Step 3: Copy Content into Your Course Site

The copying/importing process will differ depending on whether your course uses Compass or Moodle. There is accompanying documentation for each of these learning management systems on the Resources page.

For Further Assistance, Reach Out To Our Team

If you need any assistance in this process, please contact CITL.