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Campus usage of Proctorio will be discontinued after the Summer 2021 term.

Technical Support

All faculty and student technical questions should be directed to . You can get instant help via their live chat or you can email


  1. Proctorio does not work with screen readers (an accessibility issue). Therefore, instructors will have to provide some alternative if a student requires a screen reader accommodation.
  2. Proctorio also doesn’t work with any VPN. A VPN isn’t necessary for accessing the quiz itself in Moodle/Compass 2g, but some resources (i.e. library resources) may require the VPN to access them. If quizzes utilize these resources, Proctorio will prevent them from being accessed.
  3. It’s been advised that you may want to set the AI to be more lenient in case calculators are allowed for an exam.

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Proctorio Privacy and Security

Illinois has a university contract with the vendor. This contract stipulates that Proctorio will only access student data necessary to perform the online proctoring function and will protect the privacy of that data, using the same standards that the university employs. Additionally, as part of on-boarding a service provider, such as Proctorio, the university Tech Services team reviews their internal data security processes and settings. This review is done to ensure the provider has adequate measures in place to try to prevent against data security breaches. Unlike other software and apps you may encounter in your private life, the educational technologies contracted with the university have been thoroughly vetted for security and privacy and have an extra layer of contractual stipulations attached.

In order to provide instruction, the Illinois campus does use a multitude of external vendor systems, such as the learning management systems, web conferencing tools, discussion boards, homework systems, online proctoring and eTextbooks. These systems are vetted by campus legal and Tech Services and may be used as required parts of the course learning experience.

Final Exam Tips & Best Practices from Proctorio

Best Practices straight from Proctorio to utilize in setting up your final exams.

  1. Try to avoid a “Same Start Time”. Due to the current volume with COVID-19, if we have a large number of test-takers start the exam at the same time, this will be a red flag and cause strain on our servers. This then could potentially cause longer wait times and connection errors for your test-takers when trying to get into their exam.

  2. Best Practice: Expand your test availability time-frame and encourage your test-takers to use whatever time they feel most comfortable to start. We also recommend providing a range of days that the test is available to provide your test-takers flexibility in taking their exam.

  3. Test-takers during these days of quarantine are using their devices for just about everything, quick reboots go a long way!

  4. Best Practice: If students could take a moment before attempting to start their exam and make sure all programs are shut down completely, and then giving their computer a quick restart or reboot. This will make for a more efficient device functionality.

  5. Finals is definitely a time for utmost security and lockdown of exams. During this pandemic, however, students are now located back at their homes, very far from their campuses or other available wifi locations. It might be a good idea to consider the re-entry options of an exam.

  6. Best Practice: We expect record-breaking numbers to be on the platform and interacting with our Support Agents. This could mean that “Re-entry with agent” might not be the fastest way to re-enter if an unexpected disconnect from the exam happens. Allowing Re-entry will still mark different attempts in the Proctorio Gradebook but will be more quick and efficient for the test-taker to carry on with their

  7. Remember that during these weeks students are living with family, friends, or in other situations that are not their norm. Be prepared for these unprecedented test-taking environments when evaluating room-scans.

  8. Best Practice: Roomscans could be a tricky setting for this semester’s finals. Consider just the “Scan at Start” or not requiring room scans to aid a more quick and seamless exam start. Audio and video recordings should help in capturing a test-taking environment without additional steps.

  9. If your test-takers have never used Proctorio, set up a small practice test that is available prior to the Final Exam.

  10. Best Practice: Make sure to have the practice test close the day before the Final Exam starts to ensure your test-takers have gone through our system diagnostic checks to ensure they are ready to go for the Final Exam!