Using Proctorio in Your Course – Illinois Compass 2g

Proctorio is a free online proctoring service that allows for better supervision of students in order to help ensure a high level of academic integrity while taking exams, while also avoiding the need for scheduling an exam with a remote proctor. In order to use Proctorio in your courses, please review the following instructions:

Adding Proctorio to your Illinois Compass 2g Course

In order to ensure that your exam is set up correctly for proctoring with Proctorio, you must first enable the Proctorio extension in the Google Chrome browser. You must use the Chrome browser and have the Proctorio extension enabled to edit Proctorio settings on your exams. After the extension is installed, you are ready to add the tool link to your course. To do this, please use the following instructions:

  1. Navigate to your course.

  2. Click the plus sign (+) on the left-hand navigation menu.

  3. Select Content Area from the drop down menu.

  4. Type Secure Exam Proctor into the Name field and check the box next to Available to Users.

  5. Click the Submit button.

  6. Locate and click the up and down arrow above the left-hand navigation menu to re-order the menu so that the “Secure Exam Proctor” Content Area is located in the top position (or drag and drop the Secure Exam Proctor link to the top of the menu; if you drag and drop the link, proceed to step 10).

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Secure Exam Proctor.

  8. Click the up arrow button until Secure Exam Proctor is at the top of the list.

  9. Select Submit and the Secure Exam Proctor Content Area link will be at the top of your left-hand navigation menu.

  10. Click the Secure Exam Proctor link in the left navigation menu.

  11. In the top menu, select Tools, click More Tools (to view additional options), and select Secure Exam Proctor.

  12. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

    • Please Note: Do not change the title of this link. It is important that this tool link have the default name of Secure Exam Proctor!

  13. Click on the Secure Exam Proctor tool link you just created within the content area (in the screenshot below, this link is circled in red). This will install the Proctorio Plugin into your course. Once you see the message, “Secure Exam Proctor Plugin Successfully Installed! Please return to your course,” it is ready to be configured to your exams.

For Instructors Using Illinois Compass 2g:

Prior to using the following instructions, please be sure you are using Google Chrome and have installed the Proctorio Extension for Chrome.

  1. Navigate to an exam you want to have proctored, and click the chevron (or carrot) next to the exam name. Click on Edit the Test Options.

  2. Navigate down to Proctorio Settings and check the box next to Remote Proctoring. This will allow the setting options for Proctorio to appear.

  3. We recommend the enabling the following settings:

    1. Record Video

    2. Record Audio

    3. Record Screen

    4. Record Room (Intelligent Scan Recommended)

    5. Only 1 Screen

    6. Disable New Tabs (In Quiz Links Only Recommended)

    7. Close Open Tabs

    8. Verify Video

    9. Verify Audio

    10. Verify Desktop

    11. Auto ID Check

  4. Expand the Proctorio Behavior Settings

  5. You may select a preconfigured behavior setting, or click Custom and set your own in the

    Proctorio Frame Metrics area.

  6. Enter the rest of the settings of your quiz or exam, and click Submit.

    1. Note: Proctorio will set a password for your exam. Proctorio will enter the password for the student once they have enabled the Google Chrome extension on their web browser.

NOTE: The University’s license for Proctorio does not cover protection of student data such as addresses or ID numbers (if using something like a driver’s license or passport). Please let your students know to cover any identifiable information (other than their name and picture) if they plan to use a driver’s license or passport.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: For your privacy it is recommended to disable the Google Chrome Proctorio Extension when not taking an exam.

For Instructors to Inform Students (template language for your course sites):

In order to ensure that exams are taken in as secure a manner as possible, we will be using Proctorio to remotely proctor exams for the Spring 2020 semester. This proctoring service comes at no cost to you, and requires no scheduling in advance of the exam itself. If your exam requires ID verification to begin your exam, it is recommended that you cover any identifiable information (such as your address or ID number) with a piece of tape, but you will need to display the photo ID with your name.

Please follow the proceeding instructions to ensure that you can take your exam in a timely manner:

  1. Be sure to have Google Chrome installed on your computer. Proctorio only works with Google Chrome.

  2. Go to the Chrome Extension store and install the Proctorio Extension for Chrome.

  3. You’re done! When you go to take an exam or quiz that uses Proctorio, it will automatically start proctoring (based on settings set by your instructor) as soon as you start the exam.

Getting Help with a Proctorio Exam

Below are some additional tips that may help you troubleshoot issues:

  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Proctorio browser extension.

  • Navigate to the Secure Exam Proctor link in the course (likely located in the left-hand navigation menu) and click the Secure Exam Proctor link on the page that displays.

  • Close all other tabs and programs (Proctorio requires at least 2GB of RAM)

Should you need further help with your exam, please use the Live Chat support from Proctorio.

NOTE: For your privacy, it is recommended to disable the Google Chrome Proctorio Extension when not taking an exam.