Online Teaching Academy (OTA)

The University of Illinois Online Teaching Academy is an opportunity for faculty and teaching assistants to review best practices and discuss different pedagogical approaches as well as to receive hands-on training on technical tools for online teaching and learning. 

To accommodate faculty and teaching assistants who may need to teach online and who would like to become familiar with tools and techniques for online instruction, the University of Illinois campus created the Online Teaching Academy, which was first announced at the end of May. Enrollments in the June session reached nearly 500. The July session had nearly 800 faculty and teaching assistants participating. Future sessions of the Online Teaching Academy will be held asynchronously by CITL. To enroll in a future session, contact CITL at

During the Academy, faculty design their online and hybrid fall courses in a community of fellow instructors with the support of campus experts from CITL, Tech Services, and college-level educational technology units.

Teaching assistants learn to support the instruction activities of the online classroom. 

Sample topics for the Academy include:

  • Designing effective video lectures
  • Providing feedback online
  • Creating meaningful student engagement online
  • Designing meaningful online assessments 
  • Utilizing online group work 

For information about enrolling in the Online Teaching Academy, contact