Getting Started Course Survey

Who: This survey is available to all instructors of record for Spring 2021 courses.

What: The Spring 2021 Getting Started Course survey is a brief survey for instructors to give to students enrolled in their courses this semester to ascertain if students know where to find critical course information.

When: This is meant to gain early feedback, ideally given to students to complete at the earliest point in time when rosters are relatively stable, students who are enrolled will have time to have received and reviewed the syllabus and other required course materials, and feedback can still be utilized by the instructor to make basic adjustments to course design as needed. For some courses, this may be as early as the second or third class meeting; for others, it could be the third week of the course.

Where: Courses that use Compass and Moodle will have the ability to use a survey that can be uploaded into a course. Courses not using these systems can use Webtools. Webtools surveys are available regardless of what LMS you are using. Detailed instructions are below.

Why: This tool is meant to be just that, a tool to help instructors and students. It provides a platform for early feedback in the Spring, 2021 semester such that instructors have information on which they may adjust basic features of their teaching method or platform as appropriate in a timely manner to best facilitate student success in courses and provides an important touch point with students.

Quickstart Guide to adding a student survey in Webtools

  • Login to:
  • Select “Surveys”
  • On the “MySurveys” page look for a survey called “Getting Started Spring 2021 Survey” and open it.
    • If you have created/administered a lot of surveys you may have a search box present under “My Surveys”. To find the relevant survey search for “Getting Started”.
  • Confirm/edit the title of your survey and hit “Save”. For now, you can ignore the other options.


To reorder questions, add questions, and/or insert a page break, under the “Questions” tab > Select the relevant option


To edit a question, under the “Questions” tab > Click on the question you would like to edit. > You should see a screen similar to the one below. 

Here you can change the question type, question wording, question answer choices, etc.  Always be sure to “Save” any changes! To return to the main survey question list, click “Cancel” after saving.

To launch the survey under the “General” tab scroll down and find the “Start Survey” button > Click the button, acknowledge the webtools warning, then select “Save”.

  • Note: Once the survey is live you are unable to change or add any questions. If you wish to edit the survey you will need to end the form, select “Edit” > make the necessary changes, and re-start the survey. This will start a new survey session.


To share the live survey with others, under the General Tab > select Copy “Survey URL” for a shareable link.

  • From the top bar select “Reports” > “Run a new report”
  • Change the report type to: “PDF – Summary with answers”
  • Change the “Report Start” and the “Report End” dates
  • Select “Single Result”
  • Select “Generate Report”
  • Under “Actions” refresh the report to make it available for download.


  • From the top bar select “Reports” > “Run a new report”
  • Change the report type to: “CSV – Full Spreadsheet”
  • Change the “Report Start” and the “Report End” dates
  • Select “Single Result”
  • Select “Generate Report”
  • Under “Actions” refresh the report to make it available for download.

Quickstart Guide to adding a student survey in Moodle

The objective of this guide is to illustrate the process of how to import the Getting Started Spring 2021 Survey into your Moodle course(s). The survey is built using Moodle’s Feedback activity and contains six questions. It has been designed to be anonymous and instructors can customize it if they choose to (e.g., add additional questions or edit existing ones) once they import it into their course using Moodle’s “Restore” function. 


Once you have imported the survey, please consider letting the students know via an Announcement so they know that they can provide you with feedback. 

  • Download the sample survey this file.
  • Sign into Illinois Compass 2g.
  • Open your course.
  • Click on the Actions menu on the right-side ad select “Restore.”
  • Drag and drop the sample survey file (the file extension should be .mbz).
  • Click on the “Restore” button.

Import a backup file

  • After clicking “Restore,” Moodle will load a page that shows you the “Backup details,” “Backup settings,” and in the bottom the “Course details” as shown here:
  • Select “Continue.”
  • In the next page that loads, in the “Restore into this course” section, the “Merge the backup course into this course” should be pre-selected (if not, please select it) and click the “Continue” button in this section as shown here:
  • In the next page that loads, “Include activities and resources” should already be selected as shown below. Click on the “Next” button.
  • In the next page that loads, click “Next” as shown here:
  • In the next page that loads, click on the “Perform restore” button:
  • In the next page that loads, click on “Continue” as shown here:
  • Turn editing on
  • Click on the Feedback activity “Getting Started Spring 2021 Survey” as shown here:
  • Select the question that you want to modify and click on the “Edit” button:
  • Remember to “Save changes to question” if editing an existing one or to “Save as new question” if adding a new one.
  • If you hid the feedback survey from students, make it available to them by unhiding it:
  • Once students start submitting the feedback survey, you can view or download the results by clicking on “Show responses.” The results will be shown in this page and you can also click “Download” to get the results to your local computer in a file that you can open with a program such as Excel.


Quickstart Guide to adding a student survey in Compass

This document demonstrates how to upload and deploy a sample survey into your Illinois Compass 2g course site and then view the results. First you will need to download the zipped file containing the survey and then upload it from your computer into the course. Then you will need to deploy the survey to a location in your course so that it will be available to students. After students have submitted the survey, you can view the results.

  • Once you have downloaded the sample survey from this file, sign into Illinois Compass 2g, open your course and go to the left-hand menu. In the Course Tools section, click on “Tests, Surveys and Pools.”
  • This will open a new page on the right where you will click on “Surveys.”
  • In the Surveys section, you will find any surveys you have already created. There are also buttons to build a survey and to import a survey. Click “Import Survey” to upload the sample survey.

  • On the next screen click “Browse My Computer.”

  • In the new window, locate the zipped file you want to upload. Be sure to use the zipped file.

  • After it loads, click the blue “Submit” button.

  • You will see a confirmation screen when it has uploaded.

  • Click the button to return to the survey page where you should see your survey. If you would like to revise it, click the chevron (arrow) beside the survey name and choose “Edit” from the menu.

  • Add questions: You can add questions a few ways. In the toolbar, select the question type. We used a mix of short answer and multiple choice.

  • You can also look for the + symbol between existing questions to insert a new question between them.

  • Or click the chevron (arrow) beside an existing question to either duplicate it or to edit it by choosing “copy” or “edit”. This way you can create additional questions or change an existing question.

  • If you modify or create a multiple choice question, you can modify the number of possible answers by using the pull-down menu or by clicking the remove button below an existing answer.

  • Next you will need to deploy the survey so that students can access it. Navigate to the content area of your class where you would like the students to find and submit the survey. In this example, we have created a content folder called “IEF Surveys.”
  • Be sure Edit Mode is turned on. The button for that is in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Then in the toolbar, find and hover over “Assessments” and choose “Survey.”
  • On the next screen select your survey from the list, and then click “Submit.”

  • On the next screen you can rename the survey and provide a description for students.

  • There are numerous options on this page that you can select and set. Below are those that you either need to use or that we recommend. If you would like, you can check the boxes to show the survey description and instructions to the students before they begin taking it. Be sure to make the survey available to students. If you would like, you can add an announcement to the Announcements forum. You can allow for multiple attempts if you would like. Skip the next few settings.

  • If you would like to restrict access to the survey, you can set dates and times when the survey will become available and/or unavailable. There are additional settings on the page you may want to review and use, but these are the important ones. When finished, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

  • After students have submitted surveys, you can view results in a couple of ways. The results are anonymous, so you can’t see which responses each student provided. In the left-hand menu, look under Course Management and then Grade Center. Click “Full Grade Center.”

View Results

  • On the next screen locate the column for your survey. This column is generated automatically when you deploy the survey, but it will NOT be included in your course Total column or affect student grades. In the header for the column click the chevron (arrow) to open a menu.
  • To view the results you can choose “Attempts Statistics,” which takes you to a page in Compass 2g where you can view results, or choose “Download Results,” which will generate a CSV file (a spreadsheet).
  • If you choose to download results, on the next screen you will see a few options formatting the file. Select the formatting you would like and download the file.